Ministry to Adults


Discipleship refers to the lifelong process of following the Lord Jesus Christ. From the moment you are born again, you start a journey of knowing and honoring God. Scripture makes it clear this journey takes place in the local church. First Baptist Church has several programs in place to help adults grow to their full potential in Christ.

Weekly meetings

Attending meetings of the church is where you will discover many truths about God and how to apply them to your life. You’ll enjoy singing to the Lord, fellowshipping with other believers, praying and giving together as a church. Faithfulness in gathering together as a church is one of the primary ways that you can grow in the Lord.

One on One Meetings

One on one Discipleship meetings are also available. Several members have been trained to help you through a brief workbook that walks you through key areas of the Christian life. As you dig into God’s Word, you will find guidance for your life in Christ.

Adult Bible Classes

Sunday School is not just for kids! It’s an exciting hour geared to guide adults to grow to mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We call it the “Disciple’s Guide” and we want to help you grow to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ.

Disciple’s Guide classes are available on Sunday mornings 1 hour prior to our main service. Several classes are offered throughout the year that will allow you to learn more about the Bible and living for God. Here’s a sampling of the classes we have offered:

  • Survey of the Old Testament
  • Survey of the New Testament
  • Baptist Doctrines and Distinctives
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Changed Into His Image
  • Christian Living
  • To Seek and To Save
  • Membership Matters

Bible Institute

Faith Bible Institute (FBI) is a through the Bible course for every Christian. Students may study chronologically through the ENTIRE BIBLE, and systematically through every major doctrine, and yet classes meet only one evening each week.

Over 26,000 people have enrolled in FBI’s three-year study. FBI combines solid verse by verse Bible teaching with an interactive video format utilizing student workbooks, charts, maps, and visuals to produce a life changing learning experience.

Classes begin in the fall and spring of each year.